Mocktail fruit de la passion, citron & Butterfly Pea - Namsaa Infusions

Passion Fruit, Lemon & Butterfly Pea Mocktail


Ingredients for 1 glass

-1 passion fruit
-1/2 citron vert
-20cl of cold infusion "The life in blue" 
-a teaspoon of cane sugar
-a few sprigs of fresh mint
- crushed ice cubes

Steps :

1) Cut your passion fruit in half. Set aside one half for decoration and deseed the other half in a bowl. Add 4 cl of mineral water and mix well with the passion fruit pulp. Book.
2) Squeeze the juice of half a lime. Book.
3) In a high glass, pour the cane sugar and 5-6 mint leaves. Crush these two ingredients using a pestle.
4) Add the bowl of passion fruit.
5) Add two handfuls of crushed ice cubes and a few mint leaves.
6) Slowly pour the “La vie en bleu” cold infusion into the glass. When you are almost at the top of the glass, pour in the lemon juice.
7) Decorate with the second half of the passion fruit and a sprig of mint.

Enjoy !

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