Where do our organic butterfly pea flowers come from?

We source our Butterfly Pea flowers directly from the producer (short circuit without intermediaries) in Northern Thailand .

We work exclusively with small family/solidarity farms that practice organic and sustainable agriculture.

What do butterfly pea flower infusions taste like?

They have a delicate nutty flavor , slightly sweet.

How is blue tea prepared?

Infuse 5 to 7 butterfly pea flowers in a 250 ml cup, at 100° for 5 minutes .

For better distribution of color and benefits, use lime-free water (avoid tap water) such as bottled spring water .

How many cups of butterfly pea flower tea can I drink per day?

There are no restrictions on the daily dose of butterfly pea flower infusions, but we recommend one to two cups per day . Everything is in the balance 😉

Is the color of butterfly pea flower infusions natural?

100% natural. It is thanks to anthocyanins, colored molecules called flavonics that the infusions are naturally blue.

What are the benefits of Clitoria ternatea?

It is known to soothe forms of stress, boost memory, improve vision, stimulate the immune system, improve cognitive functions, slow down premature aging of the skin, boost hydration and collagen production.

Why do butterfly pea flower infusions change color?

It is thanks to anthocyanins , colored molecules called flavonic, that the petals have this blue pigment. This molecule changes color depending on the surrounding pH. In an acidic pH below 7, the butterfly pea flower infusion will be red-pink. In a neutral pH, it will be blue and in a basic pH, higher than 7, the infusion turns green-yellow.

Where to buy butterfly pea flower infusions?

Namsaa offers you superior quality butterfly pea flowers, directly from partner farms in Thailand and certified organic FR-BIO-01 by Ecocert France.

At what time of the day should you drink butterfly pea flower infusions?

The consumption of butterfly pea flower infusions is possible at any time of the day.

Nevertheless, we recommend it rather at the end of the day for its relaxing and soothing properties.

I am pregnant. Can I drink butterfly pea flower infusions?

The butterfly pea is not dangerous for health. Nevertheless, we recommend waiting until the end of your breastfeeding period, because no scientific study has been carried out in this specific case.

Are butterfly pea flowers edible?

Yes, they are edible and can easily decorate your dishes.


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