Of Laotian origin, it was when she discovered her roots for the first time in 2017 that Jessie, the founder of Namsaa, discovered an unusual herbal tea: a blue infusion made from Butterfly Pea. This infusion, unique in France, is deep blue once infused and turns pink on contact with lemon. A taste and visual pleasure for all infusion lovers.

It all starts in 2017, when Jessie investigates her origins. It is not only the cultural and culinary heritage of Laos that opens up to her, it is also the revelation of her vocation as an entrepreneur. Discovering the Butterfly Pea flower, also called Butterfly Pea Flower, she decided to make known this unique infusion from Southeast Asia with many medicinal properties . This Ayurvedic herb is rich in antioxidants and is known to improve memory, vision, hair appearance and fight anxiety. Inspired by her grandmother and passionate about the virtues of plants, Jessie decides to share this discovery on her return to France.

This is how Namsaa [ Nam.sa.a ] was born, which means "tea/infusion" in Laotian.

A brand of infusions with unique blends, 100% organic and made in France. Accompanied by a herbalist-pharmacist and an expert French nose in a large tea house, Namsa has created subtle blends making each infusion a cocktail of benefits.

Top-of-the-range recipes that combine the butterfly pea flower with other plants to enhance its taste.

“When I present my infusions, I love to see the surprise on the faces of people who did not think that the water in their drink would turn as blue as a curaçao cocktail and then pink at the mere touch of a slice of lemon. This playful experience is intended to be premium in order to bring something new and exciting to this universe,” says the founder of Namsaa.

Jessie's advice: Let yourself be carried away by the magic of this naturally blue flower which turns into a flamboyant pink as soon as a hint of lemon is added.