Organic Butterfly Pea Flowers (box)

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Let yourself be seduced by the exquisite flavour and the natural blue colour of our beautiful butterfly pea flower!

Colourful Butterfly Pea flowers, also known as Blue Pea flowers, are the perfect way to add a splash of natural blue colour and seductive sweetness to your favourite drink.
With a delicate flavour and sweet notes, these beautiful flowers will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Add them to infusions, fruit juices or cocktails for an exotic touch that everyone will love.
Why wait ? Seduce your senses with our delicious organic butterfly pea flowers today!

The butterfly pea and its origins

The butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea) is a climbing Fabaceae plant that grows in tropical regions. It comes exactly from the island of Ternate, in the oceanic region of Moluccas, in Indonesia. Lhe plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine or cooking since very ancient times.
Some say it was brought to Europe by Portuguese traders who first discovered it in Asia; others believe it may have originated in Africa and spread eastward with the trade routes of the Arabs. However it got here, one thing is certain: this beautiful flower has graced our kitchens.

The historical use of natural dye plant

The blue pigment in the petals is due to anthocyanins, which are water-soluble flavonoid pigments. Anthocyanins are colored molecules that change color depending on the surrounding pH. In an acidic pH below 7, anthocyanins turn red-pink, while in a neutral pH they turn blue and turn green-yellow in a basic pH, above 7.
This rare natural dye butterfly pea has been used for centuries in Asia for textiles, culinary creations and traditional medicines. Its use as a textile dye was first documented in India over 2000 years ago. Blue-sapphire dye was used to color cotton and silk fabrics. In Thailand, it was also used to dye hair!


Depending on the product you choose, the blue obtained by the infusion may pull towards one color or another. (The other plants in the infusion and their PH being the cause of these slight changes)

The health benefits of butterfly pea flowers

Without a doubt, butterfly pea would not be considered a superfood if it did not offer benefits !
fleurs pois papillon

Anti-stress and relaxing effect

The antioxidant and anti-stress properties of butterfly pea flowers can help reduce anxiety and stress. The refreshing flavor and beautiful color can be uplifting, soothing and relaxing.

Slow down skin aging

Antioxidants also help prevent oxidative stress and fight against free radicals that can cause certain diseases and accelerate aging. Collagen and skin suppleness are both enhanced by the presence of antioxidants. These effects help to restore and reduce wrinkles in the skin.

Improved cognitive functions

Butterfly pea flower has been shown to improve learning and memory. Indeed, studies have revealed that butterfly pea pigment modulates acetylcholine synthesis. The plant, in fact, increases the amount of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter with major neurological functions.
With its many virtues, it is not surprising that this rare plant is making a comeback in the modern kitchen.
Try using butterfly pea flowers to make your next masterpiece!

Our tasting advice

For traditional consumption of blue tea, add2 teaspoons of honey (or agave syrup) and a lemon wedge.
This will add a natural sweet note and a unique taste to your preparation.
A real spectacle for the eyes and the taste buds!

How to properly prepare your infusion

For a 250 ml cup, make infuse 5 to 7 butterfly pea flowers in water at 100° without limestone (for a better diffusion of the color and the bienfaits).

The plants that make up the mixture

100% premium butterfly pea flowers*

*from organic farming and certified by Ecocert France 

30g = approx. 57 cups