Organic Digestive Infusion & Butterfly Pea flower

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Discover the ideal pack to feel light and calm

- 1 organic Digestive infusion (eco-refill 45g, about 30 cups): Fleur de Pois Papillon* (20%), Spearmint* (17%), Peppermint* (15%), Fenouil*, Nettle*, Natural aromas (mint, date) *from organic farming and certified by Ecocert France. We know that digestive problems can completely ruin a day that should have been perfect, which is why we decided to take things in hand by creating the ultimate anti stomach pain infusion. Mint To Be is aim for people who sometimes have digestive problems, who may feel bloated or heavy.

- 1 pure Organic Butterfly Pea flower infusion (30g eco-refill, about 57 cups): With its beautiful bluish hue, the butterfly pea flower is known for its soothing properties. You will enjoy a delicious and beautiful blue infusion, full of benefits for your body and mind.

Some explanations for its beautiful colour

Its deep blue is the result of a natural pigment: anthocyanin, from the flavonoid family. Anthocyanins are coloured pH indicators and their colour changes with the surrounding pH. At an acidic pH, below 7, anthocyanins turn pink-red while at a neutral pH, they are blue and turn yellow-green at a basic pH, above 7.

This is why, depending on the product you choose, the blue obtained by the infusion can draw to one colour as to another. (The other plants of the infusion and their PH are the cause of these slight changes)

Our tasting advice

For a traditional consumption of blue tea, add 2 teaspoons of honey (or agave syrup) and a dash of lemon.
This will add a natural sweet note and a unique taste to your preparation.
A real spectacle for the eyes and taste buds!  

How to properly prepare your infusion

For a 250 ml cup, brew 5 to 7 butterfly pea flowers in decalcified water at 100° (for a better diffusion of colour and benefits).