La Vie en Bleu - energy infusion (eco-refill)

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La vie en bleu: A fruity infusion that will do your moral and taste buds good

Some mornings are more complicated than others... Lack of motivation, lack of sleep, lack of energy, the reasons to be tired are many.
For all these states of fatigue, we thought of the energy infusion "La vie en bleu" to brighten your day through your taste buds and eyes.
La vie en bleu awakens your senses with its tasty and energizing blend of Citronella, Ginger and Butterfly Pea Flowers.

With its exotic flavours of passion fruit and lemon, La vie en bleu will boost you to start your day with good vibes and having a good time.

Discover the super plants of La vie en bleu

Ginger is a root that provides an authentic energy boost!

Full of vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts, ginger stimulates all the organism, avoiding in this way chronic or temporary fatigue. Its fresh and strong taste provides a highly appreciated blast of energy in the morning.


Butterfly pea flower: a tonic for the brain 

It is thanks to the numerous vitamins, antioxidants and minerals in this flower that you will find vitality and energy for the day!


Dog rose helps get vitality and energy back

Also named Cynorrhodon, dog rose contains a remarkable quantity of Vitamin C, which provides it with an antioxidant and stimulating action. It is very appreciated because of its mild and naturally sweet taste.


Lemongrass: the ideal one for stimulating you brain and your morning good mood

With its refreshing and distinctive flavour, this plant from South-East Asia is a source of natural energy that will boost your vitality.




Our tasting advice

For an even better taste, we recommend adding a jot of lemon and 2 teaspoons of honey, which will provide a delicious and completely natural sweet touch to your preparation.

How to properly prepare your infusion? 

Once the plants are brewed, drink the infusion either cold or hot, depending on your preferences, but also according to the season!

To make the most of a perfect diffusion of the beautiful sky blue colour and the energizing benefits from «La Vie en Bleu», we advise brewing, for a 250ml cup, 2 teaspoons of the blend into decalcified water at 100º.


The plants composing this blend

Lemongrass*, Ginger*, Dog rose*, Butterfly Pea Flower* (20%), Natural aromas (passion fruit, lemon, orange)
*Product of organic farming certified by Ecocert France




70 g = about 35 cups