Mint to be - digestive butterfly pea flower blend (-50%)

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Mint to be: Our organic infusion that will help you digest

Sometimes our stomach feels heavy and bloated, after eating food that causes discomfort or even because of stress.

We have created Mint to be, the infusion that quickly relieves all bellyaches and provides a feeling of immediate lightness. This plant mix has been specifically designed to facilitate intestinal transit and feel less heavy thanks to the menthol it contains.



Discover the super plants of Mint to be

Nettle leaves regulate digestion

It is useful for rebalancing the intestinal microbiota, improving intestinal transit and reducing the absorption of sugars. 


Butterfly pea flowers support digestion

Its high content of anthocyanin and, hence, antioxidants, results in excellent digestive properties.


Fennel promotes a fast digestion

It relieves gastric acidity, and improves the digestive function when there is bloating and gas... It is ideal after a bit too heavy meal.


Spearmint: the best ally for an efficient digestion

Widely popular for its digestive properties, the leaves of spearmint are a great natural remedy against digestion problems such as nausea, the feeling of heaviness after meals and digestive cramps.


Peppermint for cooling and calming you down

With a stronger taste than that of the spearmint, peppermint is particularly rich in menthol, which is responsible for the feeling of freshness that this component has. Thanks to the action of its phenolic compounds, it relieves digestive spasms and stimulates biliary secretions.


How to properly prepare your infusion?

An infusion that will help you feel lighter and calmer

To make the most of a perfect diffusion of the beautiful blue-green colour and the digestive benefits from our «Mint To Be» infusion, we advise brewing, for a 250ml cup, 2 teaspoons of the blend into decalcified water at 100º.

Our tasting advice

For the enthusiasts who appreciate the traditional mint tea, we strongly recommend adding 2 teaspoons of agave syrup, this combination is simply extraordinary!

The plants composing this blend

Butterfly Pea Flower* (20%), Spearmint* (17%), Peppermint* (15%), Fennel*, Nettle*, Natural aromas (mint, date)

*Product of organic farming certified by Ecocert France



45 g = about 30 cups