Well-being infusion set (4 creations in large format)

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Discover now our 4 well-being infusions in large format!

With this complete set, you will find all our well-being infusions in large format, including our butterfly pea flower!
Each of our blends is special and has a unique colour and taste while bringing you extraordinary benefits.
A blue that goes towards deep navy or green, with citrus notes or fruity scents, let you be surprised by our 100% organic infusions.


This set contains:
- Energy Infusion "La Vie en Bleu"

It is a stimulating and refreshing blend with notes of ginger, passion fruit and butterfly pea flower. This infusion will help you get your energy back and enjoy wonderful moments of well-being. The scent of lemongrass, ginger and butterfly pea flowers will also delight your sense of taste and your eyes thanks to its blue hue and flavour.

- Digestive Infusion "Mint to Be"
This digestive infusion made of mint, fennel and nettle will soothe your stomach so you can enjoy a good meal without worrying about your digestion. It naturally stimulates the liver’s detoxifying functions while protecting it from free radicals. It also contains a very scented mint that will facilitate your digestion process!

- Remineralizing Infusion "Working Out"
A refreshing blend to help you recover from your workouts while renewing your body. This infusion is made of butterfly pea flowers, enriched with the organic natural flavours of litchi and peach. This will do wonders for your muscles while allowing you to relax after a hard day at the gym. It also contains ash and sage that will help you detoxify and recover faster.

- Detox Infusion "Happy Skin"
This detoxifying infusion is perfect for your skin. It contains rosemary, thyme and nettle that will help you get rid of impurities while calming the inflammation that makes your skin uncomfortable. Rosemary also has purifying properties that are ideal for any skin type.



How to prepare your infusion?

For a 200 ml cup, brew 5 to 7 butterfly pea flowers in decalcified water at 100º (for getting a better diffusion of colour and benefits).


Composition of La Vie en Bleu infusion:

Lemongrass*, Ginger*, Dog rose*, Butterfly Pea flower* (20%), Natural aromas (passion fruit, lemon, orange)
*from organic farming and certified by Ecocert France

Composition of Happy Skin infusion:

Thyme*, Dog rose*, Apple*, Butterfly Pea flower* (20%), Rosemary*, Nettle*, Rose petals*, Natural aromas (lychee, raspberry, rose, orchid, fig, goyage)
*from organic farming and certified by Ecocert France

Composition of Mint to Be infusion:

Spearmint*(17%), Peppermint* (15%), Fennel*, Nettle*, Butterfly pea flower* (20%), Natural aromas (mint, date)
*from organic farming and certified by Ecocert France

Composition of Working Out infusion:

Ash*, Lemongrass*, Sage*, Butterfly Pea flower* (20%), Lemon balm*, Anise*, Rosemary*, Natural aromas (pomegranate, blackcurrant, cherry, peach, lychee)
*from organic farming and certified by Ecocert France