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Partez gagnant avec Working Out : une délicieuse infusion tonique et reminéralisante aux saveurs fruitées de Litchi/Pêche. Elle sera votre meilleure alliée tout au long de vos séances de sport.

Frêne*, Citronnelle*, Sauge*, Mélisse*, Anis*, Romarin*, Fleur de Pois Papillon* (20%), Arômes naturels (grenade, cassis, cerise, pêche, litchi)

*issu de l'agriculture biologique et certifié par Ecocert France 

50 g = environ 33 tasses

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Working out: an organic infusion that will accompany you during your sports sessions

Have you ever felt tired, and sore, even several days after a workout session? This is due to micro-tears in your muscles.

What if we told you that plants could naturally relieve fatigue and stiffness after exercising? We have designed Working Out from remineralizing plants that allow you to keep lost minerals throughout your workouts and make your joints more fluid.

It has been shown that the composition of horsetail improves the flexibility of tendons, sage regulates excessive sweating, while lemongrass relieves muscle spasms, which reduces pain-related symptoms. Together, they create a powerful formula that can help you reduce recovery time after your workout sessions.

With its sweet and fruity flavour from lychee and peach, Working Out is a delicious way to prepare your body while hydrating yourself before, during and after a workout.


Discover the super plants of Working out

Ash tree, the ally for tired joints

Known for its remineralizing effect, its composition improves tendons' flexibility and helps protect them during sustained sports efforts. It is also effective in relieving joint pain.


Sage: a great source of vitamins and minerals

The use of sage is known for treating functional digestive disorders and excessive sweating.


Butterfly Pea Flower for sportspeople

It is thanks to the many vitamins, antioxidants and minerals present in the composition of the flower that you will find vitality and energy for the day! This makes it the main plant in our preparations.


Lemongrass for muscle spams

Muscle relaxing component, it helps relieve muscle spasms, soothes sprains, tendinitis, muscle strains, which reduces pain-related symptoms. 

Lemon balm and its advantages for young and old athletes

It is a soothing herb that helps relax the body and improve blood circulation. It has a calming effect on the mind and body, which can be useful after an intense physical activity.

Anise for athletes

It is a carminative herb that helps prevent and relieve bloating. This makes it a relaxing component that can be useful for athletes who suffer from stomach cramps or muscle spasms.


Rosemary improves circulation

Rosemary is an energizing herb that helps improve circulation. It is also a diuretic that allows the body to get rid of its toxins.


An infusion that will help you approach your sports sessions more calmly 


No more excuses 😉 We have concocted the perfect combination of 7 plants recognized for facilitating muscle recovery after exercise. Indeed, the plants present in Working Out have between them a perfect blend that provides essential elements to take care of your tired muscles. But also to restore their elasticity and avoid soreness.


thé bleu bio namsaa


In addition to keeping you hydrated and calming you, this blend with the fruity aromas of lychee and peach will delight your taste buds with every sip, followed by a subtle touch of lemongrass to top it all.



Our tasting advice

thé bleu namsaa


To make the most of our blend, we recommend adding 2 teaspoons of agave syrup that will provide a delicious and completely natural sweet touch to your fruity preparation! Once your plants are brewed, drink the beverage either cold or hot drink depending on your preferences, but also according to the season.


How to properly prepare your infusion?

conseils thé namsaa

In order to make the most of a perfect diffusion of the beautiful blue colour and the benefits of «Working Out», we recommend brewing, for a 200ml cup, 2 teaspoons of the blend in decalcified water at 100°. 


The plants composing this blend

Ash*, Lemongrass*, Sage*, Lemon balm*, Anise*, Rosemary*, Butterfly Pea Flower* (20%), Natural aromas (pomegranate, blackcurrant, cherry, peach, lychee)

*Product of organic farming certified by Ecocert France 

50 g = about 33 cups


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