Our values

At Namsaa, each of our decisions and actions is based on our 3 founding values: passion, originality and benevolence. These values are shared by all our employees, partners and suppliers. They are our raison d'être.


1/ Passion

Namsaa is the result of a meeting between passionate people.
It is thanks to her grandmother that Jessie, the founder of Namsaa became passionate about the virtues of plants. From a very young age, natural alternatives were part of her daily life.
In the same way that she is passionate about plants, she wanted to surround herself with people who had this flame in them.
Partners who are passionate about their work. Employees who are eager to learn and retailers who are deeply committed to offering healthy and respectful products to their customers.

2/ Originality

The wow effect is at the heart of Namsaa's vision.
Everything at Namsaa must inspire wonder. From the creations, the accessories, the website, the packaging to the customer service, Namsaa offers you a unique and sensational experience.

3/ Kindness

We have defined our requirements by thinking about the well-being of people: our customers, our suppliers, our employees, our partners and our service providers.
But also the impact of our activity on the environment. Thus, all the materials used are recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.
All the plants in our creations are organic and certified FR-BIO-01 by Ecocert France.

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