Our organic butterfly pea flower certified Ecocert France



After many months of searching for suppliers, exchanging and meeting people, we found a farmer's cooperative in line with our criteria: organic farming, solidarity, which offers premium quality fresh flowers.

Our organic butterfly pea flowers are picked one by one and by hand by our partner farmers.

Then they are dried naturally in the sun.

From cultivation to post-harvest processing, the entire process is natural.

Our partners do not use any chemical pesticides or artificial drying methods.

This ensures that the health-promoting nutrients (antioxidants, minerals) are well preserved.

But 100% natural means greater vulnerability to insects and weeds.

That's why after each harvest, our flowers are meticulously sorted a first time to remove leaves, twigs or damaged flowers.

Arrived in France, our butterfly pea flowers are authorized for release by the health services. Furthermore, they are certified organic FR-BIO-01 by Ecocert France.

Finally, we perform a quality control of the batches. We inspect the visual, the scent and the taste.

Once these items are validated, we sort them a second time by hand to remove the last leaves that would remain in the batch and then we choose one by one the flowers that we will package in biodegradable bags.

Throughout our supply chain, our processes are artisanal, 100% natural and verified by certifying bodies to achieve the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.