Fine-meshed basket tea filter (lid and handle included)

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Our basket tea strainer is a stylish way to brew the perfect cup of tea/infusion. It has a lid and handle to keep everything in place, and its titanium gold finish makes it look amazing on your countertop.


Stainless steel

How to use it ?

To prepare an infusion, add 2 teaspoons of the herbal mixture to a 250 ml cup at 95°-100°. Then pour hot water (without limescale if possible) over the plants and leave to infuse for about 5 to 7 minutes. You can adjust the brewing time to your preference. Filter and enjoy!


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    Filtre à thé en panier fine mailles (couvercle et poignée inclus) - Namsaa

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    Ginette R.


    Fabienne M.

    Filtre à thé très pratique !

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    The essential accessory for your infusion!

    Making great herbal tea is an art, and getting the perfect brew with bulk herbs can be tricky.

    Most people use small ball filters or metal strainers for brewing, but they don't always work very well.

    Plant particles end up floating around in your cup or the water doesn't circulate evenly through them.

    Our basket tea strainer is a stylish way to brew the perfect cup of tea/infusion.

    It has a lid and handle to keep everything in place, and its titanium gold finish makes it look amazing on your countertop.

    It brews the mixture quickly and easily so you can enjoy a delicious cup in no time.

    Plus, the fine-mesh basket ensures your tea/herbal tea is perfectly steeped every time.

    Not to mention the sleek design, which makes this tea strainer perfect for any occasion.

    Whether you're enjoying a quiet time at home or hosting a party, our tea strainer is sure to have your guests impressed.

    The health impact of a good tea filter

    The right way to brew is crucial to getting the most benefit from your blends.

    The filter used during brewing has a big impact on the drink and must be able to extract the balanced amount of microparticles from the herbs that will end up in your cup.

    These fine particles rich in antioxidants and polyphenols are among the many health benefits associated with the consumption of herbal teas and other infusions.

    Our fine-mesh basket tea strainer is a great way to get the most out of your brews, no matter what herbal blend you use.

    This model has a lid that keeps the infusion warm and a fine mesh that lets the tiny particles through, but not the plants.

    The advantages of the fine mesh basket tea filter

    • Gold titanium finish

      A non-toxic, non-corrosive product that provides neutral taste and resistance to blackening.

    • Extraction of aromas

      This tea filter promotes saturation and natural effect. Plants can infuse properly and give all their flavors and benefits.

    • Economic

      This solution makes it possible to eliminate disposable sachets and facilitates the production of your own mixtures.

    • Fine knit

      The plethora of small holes allow water to flow through the filter while keeping broken leaves out, ensuring a successful brew!

    • Ideal sizes

      You can use it in a teapot or an infusion cup.

    • security

      The long handle protects your hands from the risk of burns during preparation.

    • Convenient

      The lid doubles as both a warming tray and a drip rack, allowing you to keep the brew warm while emptying the filter after brewing.

    Your questions

    How to clean the Namsaa basket tea filter?

    The Namsaa Basket Tea Filter is easy to clean. After each use, rinse with warm water to remove plant residue. You can also wash it by hand with a little mild soap if necessary. Be sure to dry the filter thoroughly before storing it to prevent the formation of deposits and stains.

    Is the Namsaa tea filter safe for health?

    Absolutely. Our tea strainer is made from high quality food grade stainless steel. It contains no harmful chemicals and does not react with food. It is designed for safe and durable use.

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