Blue Rice 100% naturel – Butterfly Pea Flowers

Surely you have already seen these colorful dishes go blue on social networks? Today, we share this famous #bluerice recipe with you so that you can taste it too!



Commonly eaten in Southeast Asia, blue rice is traditionally served with grilled fish or fried chicken.

Blue rice goes perfectly with the accompaniment of your choice: pan-fried vegetables, white or red meat, fish... Let your tastes and your imagination speak for themselves.

For 3 to 4 people:

Ingredients :
- 200g basmati rice
- a handful of butterfly pea flowers 
- 1 stalk of lemongrass
- This

Steps :
1) Put your butterfly pea flowers in a pot of hot water and let steep for about 3 minutes.
2) Meanwhile, rinse your rice to remove the starch.
3) Once the flower is infused with beautiful blue water, add your rice and the lemongrass.
4) Cook for the time indicated on your bag.
5) Add 1 pinch of salt during cooking.

It's ready ! All that remains is to dress your plate with an accompaniment. Your guests will see all the colors with their beautiful colorful and above all 100% natural and organic plate.

The possible alternatives:
- You can replace the butterfly pea flowers with butterfly pea powder, the result is the same. Just stir 2 teaspoons into your water and you're done. 🥄

- It is also possible to make this recipe with any type of rice. Arborio rice for risotto, soft round-grain rice ideal for desserts such as rice pudding, fragrant rice, sticky rice for sushi… To do this, follow the cooking instructions on your rice packets!

Have a good meal, of course ! 🦋

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