Cocktail d'Halloween à base de fleurs de pois papillon  🍸🔮 - Namsaa

Halloween cocktail made from butterfly pea flowers 🍸🔮

Are you looking for an original drink to offer your guests for the Halloween party? Discover our cocktail recipe based on butterfly pea flowers. Looking like a magic potion, we have concocted a version with alcohol and without alcohol to satisfy small and large monsters.


Ingredients :
- 1 saucer filled with caster sugar
- Raspberry, blackberry/ or blackcurrant syrup
- Fleurs de pois papillon
- Water
- Yellow lemon
- Agave syrup or brown sugar
- Sprite or sparkling water
- Vodka or gin

For 1 glass:

Prepare the decoration of the glasses: Dip the rim of the glass in the syrup, then in the saucer filled with caster sugar (the sugar will color and stick to the edge) then leave to dry.

With alcohol
- Infuse 7 flowers in 20 ml of gin or vodka until you get a nice blue/purple color
- Pour the mixture of gin (or vodka)/butterfly pea flowers into the bottom of the glass
- Add Schweppes or Sprite
- Add a slice of lemon

" Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health "

- Infuse 7 flowers in 1/3 hot water until you get a nice blue color. Add 2 tsp of brown sugar or agave/honey syrup and leave to cool.
- Add 2/3 of Sprite or fresh sparkling water to the cooled butterfly pea flower infusion
- Add a slice of lemon


Treat yourself well! 🧙‍♀️✨

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