Pois Papillon Organic Flowers (eco-refill)

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Let yourself be seduced by the exquisite flavor and the natural blue color of our beautiful butterfly pea flower!


100% premium* organic butterfly pea flowers

*from organic farming and certified by FR-BIO-01 Ecocert France

25g = about 40 cups

How to use it ?

To prepare an infusion, simply add 3 to 4 organic butterfly pea flowers to a 250ml cup. Pour hot water (without limestone if possible) over the flowers and let steep for about 5 to 7 minutes. You can adjust the brewing time to your preference.


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    Pois Papillon Organic Flowers (eco-refill)
    Pois Papillon Organic Flowers (eco-refill)
    Pois Papillon Organic Flowers (eco-refill)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
    Brigitte V.
    Merveilleuses fleurs de Pois Papillon bleu

    Merci pour ces fleurs de Pois Papillon bio. J'en prends régulièrement en macération avec des oléagineux, le tout mixé qui fait un délicieux lait bleu pour le petit déjeuner.

    Corinne M.
    Fleur de pois papillon

    J’adore cette infusion, chaude ou froide c’est excellent.

    Mohamed a.F. (Aubervilliers, FR)

    Super produit un grand merci

    Tiziana R. (Sirolo, IT)


    Ingrid C. (Saint-Denis, RE)
    Satisfaction au maximum

    Depuis le temps que j’en rêvais, je suis heureuse d’avoir enfin en ma possession cette délicieuse infusion. Hâte de sentir les effets positifs :D
    PS : heureuse également que la livraison soit dispo pour l’île de La Reunion 🥰

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    Marvel at the naturally blue color and sweet flavor of our butterfly pea flower

    Originally from Southeast Asia, the Butterfly Pea flower, also called Blue Pea flower or Butterfly Pea flower in English, is an Asian ancestral plant known for its medicinal properties and its colorful particularity.

    Traditionally offered as a welcome cocktail in Thailand with lemon and honey, it is also widely used as a natural food coloring to make sublime culinary creations: blue rice , latte , pasta, pastry, smoothie bowl , bread, pancakes...


    Its deep blue is the result of a natural pigment: anthocyanin, from the flavoid family.
    Anthocyanins are colored molecules that change color depending on the surrounding pH. In an acidic pH below 7, anthocyanins turn red-pink, while in a neutral pH they turn blue and turn green-yellow in a basic pH, above 7.

    Therefore, depending on the infusion you choose, the blue obtained may draw towards purple/pink as well as towards green. The other plants in the infusion and their PH being the cause of these slight changes.

    The benefits of butterfly pea flower


      The antioxidant and stress-relieving properties of butterfly pea flowers can help reduce anxiety and stress. Its comforting flavor and beautiful color are known to soothe and relax.


      Antioxidants help prevent oxidative stress and fight free radicals that can cause certain diseases and accelerate aging. Collagen and skin suppleness are both enhanced by the presence of antioxidants. These effects help to restore and reduce wrinkles in the skin.


      Butterfly pea flower has been shown to improve learning and memory. In fact, studies have revealed that the pigment in butterfly pea flower increases the amount of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter with major neurological functions.

    You will enjoy a delicious and magnificent bluish infusion, full of benefits as good for the body as for the spirit. Try our butterfly pea flowers to find serenity and calm.

    How to properly prepare your infusion?

    1. Prepare hot water: Boil lime-free water at 100°.
    2. Add the butterfly pea flowers: Place 3-4 butterfly pea flowers in a cup or teapot.
    3. Pour the hot water: Gently pour the hot water over the butterfly pea flowers. Be sure to cover the flowers with enough water for optimal infusion.
    4. Steep: Let the butterfly pea flowers steep for about 5-7 minutes. This time may vary depending on your personal preferences for flavor and color intensity.
    5. Add optional ingredients: To enhance the taste of the infusion, you can add agave syrup, honey or lemon according to your preferences. These ingredients add a touch of sweetness or sourness to the drink.
    6. Enjoy your infusion: Once the infusion is ready, savor it quietly and enjoy the delicate aromas and changing color nuances of the butterfly pea flower.

    Note: Butterfly pea flower is renowned for its ability to change color when in contact with acidic ingredients. You will see the blue turn to pink as it brews.

    Have fun experimenting with different steeping times, ingredient combinations and methods to find your perfect blend with organic butterfly pea flower.

    Your questions

    How to prepare an infusion of organic butterfly pea flowers?

    To prepare an infusion, simply add 3 to 4 organic butterfly pea flowers to a 250ml cup. Pour hot water (without limestone if possible) over the flowers and let steep for about 5 to 7 minutes. You can adjust the brewing time to your preference.

    What are the benefits of organic butterfly pea flower infusion?

    The infusion of organic butterfly pea flowers is renowned for its antioxidant and relaxing properties. It is also known for its beneficial effects on digestion and can help relieve stress and promote restful sleep.

    What is the flavor of the infusion of organic butterfly pea flowers?

    The infusion of organic butterfly pea flowers has a mild and delicate flavor with subtle sweet notes. Some people describe its taste as slightly earthy and grassy.

    Can I add additional ingredients to my organic butterfly pea flower infusion?

    Yes, you can customize your infusion by adding agave syrup, honey, lemon or other ingredients according to your taste preferences. These additions can enhance the taste of the brew and provide a variety of flavors.

    Does the infusion of organic butterfly pea flowers contain caffeine?

    No, Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Infusion is naturally theine-free, making it a soothing and relaxing drink option any time of the day.

    Does organic butterfly pea flower have any side effects?

    Organic butterfly pea flower is generally considered safe when consumed as an infusion. However, it is always advisable to consult a healthcare professional before regularly incorporating it into your diet, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or undergoing specific medical treatment.

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